Our Data Services include Database Management that will keep you ahead of your competition. We can enter all of your customer names or even your potential customers and keep track of your contacts. We can run a list for you from time to time and keep track of subscribers, contacts, etc. Mail merges can be done easily and efficiently to mail information to your customers or to target your market.

A database is merely a collection of information. Databases come in many forms such as mailing encyclopedias, or card files. These examples might sound very different but they all share a common feature: they contain information which is sorted or indexed so that it can be retrieved quickly.

A computerized database provides you with the opportunity to view statistics and data from different perspectives. It lets you sort records in many different ways. Because of this, you could have one record for each customer, but be able to look up that record by name, company, last date contacted, and so forth, making customer information more pertinent.

We can run your mailing list, subscriber list, or contact list at any time and provide you with a list or labels on either dot matrix or laser labels. Also, we can perform mail merges and print directly onto envelopes and/or your letterhead to develop professional mailings every time.

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