It's time for you to round up those old dusty films that are sitting in your attic, garage, or closet. Let us transfer your films to a DVD!
  • Your cherished wedding video on 8mm tape is FADING AWAY!!!
  • Your baby's birth.... toddler's first steps.... fading!
  • Your cruise vacation in the Caribbean.... fading!
  • Your rare, irreplaceable family videos.... fading!
Preserve them now!! Put them on DVD's to make easier access. We also scan your cherished photos or slides and copy these to your own personalized DVD. Add music of your choosing. Bring your family history to life! Wonderful gifts for Christmas, Birthdays, or any special occasion.

VHS tapes to DVD $15.50/tape (2 hr maximum)
Scanned Slides $.30 Each
Extra Copies of DVD's $5.95

DVD Copies $5.95 each for any DVD Production

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